Terms and Conditions

To purchase any ticket/pass/extra for any event organized by Kinetic Vibe Srl. implies the agreement of the following terms and conditions:

  1. The administration reserves the right to refuse admission and may conduct security searches to ensure the safety of patrons. The administration also reserves the right to report any dangerous situation to the public security that will proceed with potential security control.
  2. A valid ticket must be showed on entry. Tickets are valid for one admission/upgrade only per ticket, depending on the type of event/ticket. You must bring your ticket to the venue, or use Kinetic Vibe App,  along with a valid ID card.
  3. In case of a guest’s cancellation, the passes won’t be refunded because connected with the event and not with a single guest.
  4. In case of guest’s cancellation not caused by the administration, the import of all the purchased extras will be transformed in CREDIT and uploaded on every purchaser’s personal account and it will be possible to use it for every future purchase directly a the checkout. Only in exceptional cases, which we will evaluate singularly, we will refund them, upon request via email. In this case, the refund will take place after the event, according to the unquestionable timing decided by the administration.
  5. Tickets/extras cannot be refunded if purchased by mistake.
  6. Tickets/passes cannot be re-sold without administration approval.
  7. In case of cancellation of an event, the administration will have 90 days to provide reimbursements, unless differently stated at the time of the announcement, but not later than one (1) year from the cancellation day. The refunds will be processed, by re-crediting the entire sum to the card which issued the payment or alternatively through bank transfer. In the event that the card is disabled or unavailable, urgently send a report via email at the specific email indicated on the event page.
  8. Kinetic Vibes Srl., in some cases, reserves the incontestable right to correct or modify without notice the details and form of the events and, in this case, the administration is not compelled to refund the tickets since the object is not modified.
  9. Kinetic Vibe Srl. is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal properties during the event. 
  10. Ticket holders agree to appear for no fee in any filming and/or recording of events that they attend.
  11. Event attendees are not permitted to bring in food and drink, weapons, DSLR cameras (unless permission is obtained by the administration), drugs, alcohol, furniture, or gazebos. Anyone caught in possession of such things will be evicted from the building. Instead, it’s allowed to bring food and drinks under medical prescription.
  12. No animals are allowed to enter the venue with the exception of registered guide dogs for the visually impaired.
  13. If you exit the venue during the event you may not re-enter.
  14. Access issues for age limits:
    – Conventions: people under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. People between 14 and 18 years old are allowed to participate autonomously ONLY if they are in possession of a valid ID card, otherwise, they must be accompanied by an adult.
    – Concerts: minor of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult and between 16 and 18 years old have to bring an authorization signed by a parent/legal tutor. Access issues for age limits may vary according to the Country where the event takes place, so it’s mandatory to read the FAQ of every event.
  15. Smoking is not allowed inside rooms within the venue. Disregard for this policy will lead to eviction from the building without a refund and to a fine.
  16. Security officers are entitled to search customers and their belongings at any time.
  17. The venue and Kinetic Vibe Srl staff reserve the right to refuse admission in case of dangerous behavior, threats, insults or recidivism from attendees towards the organizations and the participants. 
  18. Attendees shall observe and comply with all instructions and requests of Kinetic Vibe Srl. or its authorized agent whose decision shall be final in all matters.
  19. Any person acting against these regulations and conditions of use may be excluded or removed from the venue, and only permitted to return at the discretion of Kinetic Vibe Srl. The behaviour against the law, will be punished according to the laws and sanctions of the Country and notified by the competent organs. This is without prejudice to any claim which Kinetic Vibe Srl. may have against such persons. No refund shall be payable to such persons.