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Buying on our ticket platform is very simple:

  • go to the shop linked in the event you want to attend >
  • create an account by entering all the required data >
  • put your tickets in your cart >
  • buy with VISA, Mastercard, Carta Si, Postepay (also Evolution) or American Express card.
  • Some events will have payment via PayPal available!

If you pay by card, make sure it is enabled for online purchases by checking with your bank or provider that the 3D Secure Code is active.

Yes, you can join our events but you have to follow a few rules.


  • up to 9 years old, admission is free if sitting in the parent’s lap. If you need a seat in the Panel room, you have to contact us for the specific purchase.
  • minors up to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult: a parent / legal guardian, or an adult in possession of self-certification / proxy signed by a parent.
  • minors up to 17 years old will only be able to access if in possession of an identity document valid, otherwise they must have a self-certification / proxy signed by a parent or legal guardian.

An adult can accompany up to a maximum of two minors with either a Companion Pass or any access Pass.


In Italy there are no rules that prohibit minors from participating in concerts or shows, but our general policy indicates that minors up to 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult: a parent / legal guardian, or an adult in possession of a self-certification / proxy signed by a parent.

 Age limits may vary depending on the state in which the event is held or the object of the event itself.
It is therefore mandatory to read the specific indications of each event.

Kinetic Vibe declines any responsibility in case of minors who access the locations and attend events and / or shows without an adult companion.

For each ticket, pass or extra purchased you will receive a corresponding QR Code which you can then find on the App.

These QR Codes must be named, that is, you must enter the name of the person who will participate in the event / activity. To do this, simply check your email and follow the instructions indicated in the appropriate purchase confirmation.

You will only be able to rename the QR Code only once from your account on the Kinetic Vibe website or through the App, so make sure you don’t get it wrong!

We avoid wasting paper and ink! Just have a mobile phone or a charged device and use the Kinetic Vibe app:

Download the App for iOS

Download the app for Android

Once you downloaded the App and logged in, you will find inside it all the QR codes of your purchases.

The app can be used OFFLINE after the first access, so no internet connection is required!

We will also use the app to send notifications on activities in real time during the event!


A Convention is a one or multiple days event where the attendees will have the chance to meet and interact with the actors from their favorite series or other VIPs.

A convention may be based on one series, so the actors that take part in it will be from that series, or may be a multi-fandom, so you can meet actors from different series in one event, or even dedicated to certain topics only.

During the convention, the attendees can take part to different activities (Extra) as autographs session, photo session, Q&A session (Panel) with the guests that answer the questions of the fans and private meeting with the guest up to 20 people maximum.

To take part to a convention and its activities with the guests it is mandatory to purchase a Pass. Without an access pass you cannot enter the convention and you cannot use any purchased extras.

Each convention has different pass categories, some of them have extra included while others include only the entrance. We recommend you to read carefully the description of every pass before purchasing it, in order to make the choice that best suits your needs.

To attend a convention and carry out activities with guests, you need to purchase an entrance ticket called Pass.
Without the pass you cannot access the convention and you cannot use any extras purchased.

Each Convention has different types of Pass:

  • Passes that include access only
  • Passes that include activities
  • VIP pass with special activities
  • Accompanying / Companion Passes that do not allow participation but only to accompany a participant to the structure in case of a minor age or psychophysical needs.

We advise you to read carefully the description of each pass indicated on the page of the Convention you are interested in, and make the choice that best suits your needs.

Panels are discussion sessions of various subjects and/or questions-answers sessions with the guests.

During the convention the guests will take the stage in turn in the Panel room and will answer the questions of the fans. Each session usually last 30 minutes, but the time can vary due to the schedule.

The seats in the panel room are usually assigned first in order of category of pass (more expensive passes will be closer to the stage) and then in purchasing order, so if you buy the pass earlier you will have a better seat.

Rules about the assignment of the seats may vary based on the event, so we suggest to consult the specific information of the event that you would like to attend.

We consider EXTRA any purchasable activity to do with the guests. The extras that are always available are:

  • Autographs
  • Photo OP
  • Meet&Greet

Sometimes we might add some special extras like the selfies, but this depends on the guest and on the convention. 

The quantity of extras available is always limited.

With an extra “autograph” you will receive an autograph in person from the guest you choose. 

Your extra will be checked at the entrance of the autograph room and after that you will be allowed to proceed to the guest table.

This is the only activity where you have the chance to give a gift or a letter to the guest and also have some time to talk with him/her. One extra is valid ONLY ONCE.

During the autograph session:

  • You can’t ask more than one autograph with one extra.
  • You can’t ask for 2 different objects to be autographed 
  • You can’t ask personal message on one on object and an autograph on another object.
  • NO SELFIE unless specified in the extra activity name.
  • NO audio recording.
  • No hugs. It’s not a hugs session or a M&G, therefore we kindly ask you to limit your conversation so as to give everyone the opportunity to have a moment with their favorite guest.

Photo OP means Photo Opportunity and it’s the chance to take e photo with your favorite Guest.

A professional photographer will take the photo that will printed in a 15×20 cm format and you will be able to pick it up in a dedicated area around 40 minutes after the end of the photo session. The cost for the printed photo is included in the price.

There are several options of photos available, and the most common are:

  • Photo with a single guest,
  • Photo Duo (with two guests),
  • Photo Trio (with three guests)
  • Group Photo (with all guests).

You will be able to requests for the digital version of the photo at the price of 3 euros each after the end of the convention. The purchasing process and timing will be communicates in the days following the end of the convention.


To take a photo with a friend with only one guest, both of you must have purchased the same extra (up to 2-3 people, no more).

To share a duo / trio / group photo with a friend you will need to purchase the extra photo and a Coupon Duo.

This is not usable for photos with only one actor.

2 people: 1 extra + 1 coupon – 3 people: 2 extra + 1 coupon – 4 people: 2 extra + 2 coupon

During the Meet & Greet, you will be comfortably seated in a private room with a limited number of people (20/30 maximum).
The Meet & Greet usually lasts 30 minutes. You can chat, ask questions or other activities (board games, cards, etc.) with your favorite guests.

An assistant will always be present in case of need to make communication easier.

The use of mobile phones or other devices is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, especially for selfies and audio / video recordings (with the exceptions specified above). Inappropriate use of the mobile phone will result in your removal from the business or even from the convention.

At the end of the Meeting, a Group Photo will be taken and delivered via email after the event.


An extra is only valid once, and usually the date is specified on the extra.

It’s possible to upgrade your pass, only if the other categories of pass are available when we communicate it.

It will not be possible to downgrade, i.e. change the pass for a cheaper one.

The upgrade is valid ONLY ONE time.

Any other question? Contact us for more info!